About us

Richard began his venture into photography at the age of sixteen by working as an apprentice in a black and white darkroom in 1977. Richard has always believed in and practised a personalized one-on-one approach with whomever he is working with, preferring to nurture long term relationships through this approach to achieve the best results possible. 
It’s the mission of Chan Photographic Imaging to support a photographer along their creative journey. To help them discover their own style, to problem solve as they face road blocks and to push them towards their goals. Each and every member of Chan Photographic strives to be a mentor and give their wisdom to other photographers to learn from.

Services offered are:

Darkroom Handprinting
(both for you to print yourself in our darkroom rental rooms or for our in-house specialists to handprint for you)

Glicée Printing
Digital fine art, inkjet prints.

Film Processing
Professional dip and dunk c-41 and black and white negative film processing.

From low to medium res scans on our professional commercial grade noritsu film scanner to high res Imacon scans Chan Photographic will take care of turning your negatives into high quality archival files. Also available is the ability to rent our A3 flatbed epson XL10000 to scan your prints!

Opening Hours
9:30am - 6:30pm monday to friday
10am - 6pm weekends